Fake GPS for PC – Free Download for Windows & Mac

Here we will show you how to download the Fake GPS on your Windows PC. Get the Fake GPS for free from the official website, namely from the play store. The Fake GPS is not officially available for PC devices. So, following the steps to download and use the Amazing Fake GPS for use on PC, let’s get started.

Fake GPS

What is a Fake GPS

Using Fake GPS App helps you to change the reallocation of your device anywhere in the world with just one click. You can also change the location for PC applications when you want to play multiple games in different places. ByteRev has developed the application and about five million users have downloaded this Fake GPS application worldwide.

Here is an explanation of Fake GPS Location which is a very simple application to use and you will have an overprinted map on your device screen. Just simply move it until the point is at the location to be simulated. You can also save your favorite places and history so you don’t lose the places you visited.

Fake GPS feature

Several features are very important when we choose certain applications such as the spoof location application provides many features to change the exact GPS location on your device. You can change the location instantly with one click using the map.

  • Using Fake GPS it is easy to change location instantly.
  • Fake GPS also supports changing the location by entering latitude and longitude.
  • Fake GPS can also keep a list of the locations you normally visit.
  • Fake GPS supports importing and exporting GPX files to your favorite routes.
  • Fake GPS also supports changing location using a World map.
  • Within Fake GPS many customization options are available to change the location.
  • Fake GPS has a simple and easy-to-use user interface for new users.

Install Fake GPS For PC

To perform the Fake GPS installation process so that it can run on a Windows PC, it’s quite easy to complete the Fake GPS installed on your PC using the help of the Bluestacks Emulator.

  1. Launch Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.
  2. After that sign in with your Google account.
  3. Then open the play store in the Bluestacks Emulator select search type ‘Fake GPS’ select install.
  4. Wait until the Fake GPS For the PC install process is complete.
  5. Now the Fake GPS application is ready to use on a PC.

Now you can use the Fake GPS For a PC after the installation has finished successfully on your Emulator.

Final Words

That’s the article on how to download the Fake GPS app for PC, follow the method, and install the application correctly. If you have any questions about installing the Fake GPS app on a PC, contact us using the comments section.

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