Bluestacks Mouse not Working on App

Hello and welcome so today I’m going to be addressing a problem that I’ve been having with BlueStacks 4 which is that the new version of the Android emulator of the PC and therefore the problem I used to be having is that whenever I loaded up any apps I couldn’t click anything in the least.

No Mouse Problem in the Bluestacks

My mouse works. the difficulty I’m having is that whenever the app is open, my mouse will frequently jerk to the upper right corner, some jumps are bigger than others, it’s quite random.

I found this method by trial and error and hopefully I can help someone out with this method to repair no mouse in apps problem in BlueStacks4. Read Recommended: Install Songnify For Pc with Bluestacks

Steps to repair BlueStacks 4: No mouse in apps problem

Step 1: Close your BlueStacks and now open wherever your install directory is, which is most likely going to be local disk C program data. Remember, that that folder is maybe hidden so you’ll need to enter properties and enable the hidden folders. (It could be different for you but this is often the default place)

Step 2: These files relate to control configuration for every single app on BlueStacks and actual control conflicts for mouse and keyboard. If they are not there is a normal default.

Step 3: After that select everything and delete everything.

Step 4: load up BlueStacks 4 again.

As you’ll see during a minute which will have fixed the matter. The mouse is now actually fully working again and it works magic. this is often the simplest method to repair the problem in BlueStacks 4 which disables the mouse to figure.

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