BlueStacks Running Slow or Lagging (How to fix)

Here we will provide a solution for the Bluestacks Application because it runs slowly and lags behind. During this article, we will discuss solutions to fix it.

BlueStacks Running Slow or Lagging (How to fix)

How to Make BlueStacks Run Faster?

Before you use blueStacks it is better to confirm that your system has optimal space and updated drivers. You should know that Systems with low space and low-quality graphics drivers often experience lags when using applications.

Allocate more RAM to BlueStacks

The right method to reduce lag in apps is to provide more ram to Bluestacks. by providing more ram to the emulator this can lead to a significant increase in the speed of the application when it is used. Follow the method below

  • Open bluestacks and click on settings.

BlueStacks Running Slow

  • Once you’re within the settings tab, click on “Engine”.

BlueStacks Running Slow

  • Wait for the menu to appear then select the option now you are ready to set the amount of RAM to allocate.
  • After that select “CPU cores” to indicate the number of CPU cores you want the system to use.

BlueStacks Running Slow

Enable the Virtualization Feature

By setting the CPU Virtualization found in most AMD and Intel CPUs to allow one processor to have power. The goal is to improve computer performance many users have followed this method resulting in great success in Bluestacks functionality after enabling virtualization. Just follow the steps below:

  • The first step to do is restart your system and press the F2 key.
  • After that you will enter the bios section.
  • Proceed to Advance> Configuration and enable virtualization.
  • When finished save your settings and exit Bios by pressing “Fn + F10 ″.

Method to Disable System Antivirus Software

  • Disabling Antivirus software can speed up Bluestacks performance.
  • Here only required to change the Real-time protection to disable antivirus effectively.

End unrequired Background and Application processes

Users can also refine the use of BlueStack by removing the background. Because many programs running in the background can cause lags in the application.

filter out third party services

Third parties can have a lagging effect on system resources so that Users have to stop third party services using System Configuration assistance.

here’s what you’ve got to do,

  • Tick the “Hide all Microsoft services”
  • Untick a number of the third-party listed services.
  • Click the options; ok and apply.

For more help, ask the screenshot below.

Alter Bluestack’s Display

because adjusting the display plays an important role in the performance of the Bluestacks application by reducing graphics and Dpi. Lower dpi will end with smoother in-app game performance with reduced lag You will change the display settings in the following way.

The first step is to open BlueStack Settings and click on the Display tab in the display tab. Lower the screen resolution (1280 x 720 or 1,600 x 900).

BlueStacks Running Slow

Alternatively lowering the Frame Rate can also reduce the number of frames moved per second for This reduces the likelihood of lag by encouraging a low-quality gaming experience.

BlueStacks Running Slow


BlueStacks is undoubtedly the leading Android alternative for PC as many are already using it. Thus BlueStack can help you run all Android applications on PC.

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