BlueStacks vs Nox | Which one is Best for PC

Here we will discuss about BlueStacks vs Nox the advantages and disadvantages of each of these emulators which make it difficult to make a decision to use them. During this post we will be comparing NOX vs BlueStacks. You may want to download Bluestacks and Box Player to find out the advantages and disadvantages of an Android emulator and can choose the right one for you.

BlueStacks vs Nox

With everything available as a smartphone app, sometimes it’s quite difficult to stay playing your favorite game on your phone. Battery power is restricted, and notifications from other applications (such as messaging apps) might interfere with gameplay, which is why tons of gamers now shift to Android emulators to possess interrupting gameplay on their PCs.

Among the Alternative Android emulators available, BlueStacks and Nox are among the simplest due to their performance and quality.

Today, we’ll be inspecting the attributes, pros, cons, and other aspects of everyone and compare them against one another.


BlueStacksBlueStacks is one of the more documented Android emulator apps due to its quality and reliability. Users can download the free or paid version.

Keyboard Mapping

  • One of the foremost critical features of an Android emulator is its keyboard mapping feature. With BlueStacks 4, you’ll customize the keyboard controls that supported your preferences. Create different keymaps for each game. Specific keys are often assigned to custom tap spots on your screen. you’ll even use your mouse to aim and shoot, which especially useful for shooting games like PUBG.
  • For more straightforward navigation, BlueStacks has divided its key controls into categories to form it easier for user customization.

Bridging Android and Windows

  • While most apps might be found in Google Play and therefore the Microsoft Store, some apps have more touch-friendly versions on Android. What’s more, BlueStacks gives you the choice of getting your Android-only apps on your Windows 10 and provides you a seamless experience on your computer.


  • Android phones and tablets only allow you to run one game at a time and BlueStacks enables you to play multiple games using multiple Google Play accounts all directly. you’ll also play an equivalent game using various accounts.


  • Please note that this latest version of the Bluestacks software has the advantage of being “six times faster than Galaxy S9 +” and “eight times faster than BlueStacks 3.” meaning that BlueStacks 4 is lighter than its predecessor.

After testing to use BlueStacks 4 the software runs smoothly overall but sometimes experiencing lags maybe due to insufficient RAM on my PC. These hiccups are the sole downside to the present emulator and might frustrate some users. I’ve tried it to use BlueStacks to live up to its promise to run applications faster and more efficiently than using other software..

NOX Player

NoxNox Player is another popular name in Android emulators and The developers based the software on Android 4.4.2. It’s a rather old version of Android, but you won’t be having trouble running your apps here. Nox is free software that you simply can get from Bignox.

Keyboard Mapping

  • Users can create their customized keyboard settings to play with their favorite apps on the Nox Player. you’ll also configure other keys to release skills or shoot at enemies.

Gamepad/Controller Support

  • You may also play games with a controller or gamepad that worked together with your phone. The Nox Player enables the controller to use via Bluetooth. you’ll also use your Xbox controller with this emulator.

Supports Other Android Versions

  • The Nox Player is predicated on Android 4.4.2, which may be a pretty older version of the OS. But what’s great about this is often that you simply could play old games that weren’t updated for the newest version of the OS. Nox Player also supports Android versions 5.1.1 and 7.1.2.


  • Similar to BlueStacks, Nox also allows users to run multiple games on multiple windows. you’ll also play an equivalent game with several accounts simultaneously.


  • To maximize your experience, Nox Player gives you the choice of what proportion of your hardware is going to be used for gameplay. Usually, 2 or 3 cores of your CPUs will do for gameplay. It’s still up to you to work out the balance, especially if you’re getting to use the emulator alongside other software.
  • Upon testing Nox Player, it worked pretty much once we ran a few games thereon . Especially if you’ve got a high-end computer running on Windows 10, you’ll surely enjoy the optimal performance of this software. However, many games don’t allow players to play games like this due to their apparent advantage. So just take care that you simply don’t get marked on these apps in order that you’ll continue playing your favorite games.


BlueStacks and Nox Player comes with tons of exciting features, each having its pros and cons. We couldn’t say which one is best over the opposite since each user will have their preferences when choosing software. Share your experience or opinion below within the comment section to allow us to know.

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