How to Download BlueStacks on Linux (Solutions)

Here is how to download and install BlueStacks on your Linux computer. Read this post to seek out out how you’ll run Android apps on your Ubuntu (or the other Linux) computer using the simplest Android emulator software.
Hi, guys today I will be able to be discussing BlueStacks for Ubuntu Linux. Here I will be able to be concentrating on Ubuntu Linux, As I think most of the people will resonate with this text as we mention Ubuntu instead of the other Linux distort like Linux Mint, Debian, OpenSUSE, or anything.

Download BlueStacks v4.60 on Linux

And if you’re a Mac user then, you’ll also download BlueStacks for Mac. you’ll also get all variants of BlueStack from our site for any OS you’re using on your PC.

We all know BlueStacks may be a popular Android emulator which is pretty perfect. Though there are many other Android emulators out there within the market, BlueStacks is that the most popular one of all. If you specifically mention BlueStacks alternatives, there are a lot of them out there. I won’t be ready to talk much about other emulator software in this article.

BlueStacks for Ubuntu and BlueStacks for other Linux distributions

Now let’s come to the most topic of this post, which is BlueStacks for Linux distros especially Ubuntu. If you check the official website of BlueStacks for downloading it, you’ll notice this piece of software is out there for 2 major operating systems – Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac.

I own a couple of computers Myself. I own all kinds of computers, as an example, I own 2 Windows PCs, 2 Apple’s Mac (specifically an iMac). a couple of old computers running various Linux Distros on them like Ubuntu 16.04, Linux Mint, Fedora, etc.

When bluestacks was first launched, I attempted it like hell as I wont to love playing video games (I still do:)). I installed it on my two computers. While using it on my computers I noticed a couple of things like – I feel that the developers have created this software for Windows 7 users, it works best with that OS. I also noticed that the BlueStacks for Mac receive only a few updates when compare to Bluestacks for PC.

But when it comes to Linux, There are not any BlueStacks. So yeah the reality is there’s no BlueStacks app player available for Ubuntu or the other Linux computers.

Sadly, BlueStacks doesn’t have any Linux version. But, don’t worry there’s a workaround to the present problem, Read the remainder of the post.

Android Emulator For Linux to Run Android Applications and Games

Wait what happened if BlueStacks isn’t available for Ubuntu? There are other Android emulators too which may assist you to run Android games and apps on your Linux Distro. Recently I used to be found which are the simplest Android emulators for Linux/Ubuntu (best bluestacks alternatives for Ubuntu/Linux). And guess what? I come across Genymotion.

Genymotion is an android emulator just like BlueStacks. However, unlike the primary one, it supports Linux too. Linux user can easily run Android applications on your computer using GenyMotion. I like to recommend you watch the video embedded below to find out how you’ll use Genymotion Android Emulator in Ubuntu Linux for using Android apps in it.

Genymotion is an open-source Android VM project (can use as an easy Android Emulator). it’s fast, highly customizable, and easy to use. After installation, the Android OS version to download is often chosen, and its appearance on Ubuntu is often customized. Genymotion is that the best Android Emulator for any Linux OS like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, OpenSUSE, or anything. you’ll Download Genymotion from the link mentioned below.
After you put in the Android emulator on your computer, you’ll enjoy playing excellent Android games on your Linux computer. That’s it for me on this subject. However, I might wish to hear from you guys too, be happy to start a conversation on the topic of “BlueStacks for Ubuntu” within the comment section below.

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