How to fix Network Error / Problem in BlueStacks (Updated)

Hey guys, today I’m getting to be helping you guys with a problem that’s been troubling a couple of you having issues in BlueStacks. You get a black screen that will pop up and can offer you a network error and no matter what you are doing this may always occur.

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

It’s a bug. The new update should fix this but, most likely it’ll fix this for a while. So here we are working on, the way to install apps with a network error. this may also allow you to install apps that you simply can’t get through the search. If you’re browsing for apps, this is another way to get to third-party apps.

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

Method To Fix: Network Error/Issue in BlueStacks

This is a fast tutorial that will show you ways to get around the network error in BlueStacks. The error is impossible to “fix”, however, this method will offer you almost an equivalent functionality (minus the web which most users wouldn’t need anyway).

Go right down to | down to”> right down to where it says BlueStacks scroll down to apk handler right here is that the file which will install your package. drag the file you would like into your apk Handler and it’ll install the app now this doesn’t require the web. through this, you’ve got to possess an online connection to download the app. But this may allow you to install apps differently. Read Recommended: How to install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card

STEP 1: Download the app you would like (For ex: I even have taken angry birds.apk )

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

STEP 2: Now Drag N Drop the app to the given location

Works with all versions of Windows (Vista.7.8) and Mac (it’s getting to be a rather different file path for the Mac OS).


File path: C:/Program Files (x86)/BlueStacks/ Use: HD-ApkHandler Drop the already downloaded APK’s into the file and that they will install automatically.


Search on the web for the apk you would like for the app you would like. for example, if you would like an Instagram app, look for an “Instagram app”. Download that to your desktop.

The first scarce Open Terminal and run this: ~ \ Library \ BlueStacks \ App \ Player \ runtime \ UHD-Adb install path-to-your-app

Since your pathway is to your desktop, it’ll look almost like this: ~\Library\BlueStacks\ App\ Player\Runtime\uHD-Adb install/Users/You/Desktop/name­ofapp.apk Open up stacks and therefore the app should be there

So basically, we’re getting to download an app. Search up whatever game you would like an app for.go into your C Drive a Program Files if you’re on a 64-bit computer you’re getting to want to go in times 86 which means32-bit you’re.


fix Network Error in BlueStacks


this will allow you to install apps differently. that’s how you’ll install apps so go ahead on you’ll search the web for any apps that don’t require an online connection.


fix Network Error in BlueStacks

Conlusion: Fix: Network Error/Issue in BlueStacks

so you’ll be ready to install your games here don’t worry about the network connection you’ll be ready to play all of your games here with no problems hope this helped. enjoy!

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