How to fix Network Error / Problem in BlueStacks (Updated)

Here we will help you with troublesome issues from those of you having problems in BlueStacks. You get a black screen which will pop up while using Bluestacks and can give you network errors and whatever you do, this might always happen.

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

What happened It was a bug-type problem. The new update should fix this but, most likely it will take a while to fix it. So here we will give, how to install an application with network errors. it also lets you install apps that you can’t get through search. If when you’re browsing apps, this is another way to access third-party apps.

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

Method To Fix: Network Error/Issue in BlueStacks

Here is a quick tutorial that will show you how to solve network errors that occur in BlueStacks. Errors are impossible to “fix”, however, this method will offer almost equivalent functionality.

Scroll down to BlueStacks to the apk handler here is that file which will install your package. drag the file you want into your apk handler and it will install the app now it doesn’t need web. through this, you must have an online connection to download the application. But it allows you to install apps differently.

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STEP 1: Download the application you want (For example: I will download angry birds.apk)

fix Network Error in BlueStacks

STEP 2: After that Drag and Drop the application to a specific location in Bluestacks

Note that all versions of Windows (Vista.7.8) and Mac (this becomes a slightly different file path for Mac OS).


Follow this method carefully = file path: C: / Program Files (x86) / BlueStacks / Use: HD-ApkHandler Put the downloaded APK into a file and that the APK will be installed automatically.


Then search the web for the application you want for example, if you want the Facebook application, search for “Facebook application”. Click to Download it to your desktop.

After the Open Terminal, the first step you have to do is run this: ~ \ Library \ BlueStacks \ App \ Player \ runtime \ UHD-Adb install path-to-your-app

Since your pathway is to your desktop, it’ll look almost like this: ~\Library\BlueStacks\ App\ Player\Runtime\uHD-Adb install/Users/You/Desktop/name­ofapp.apk Open up stacks and therefore the app should be there

In conclusion, when it comes to downloading applications in Buestacks. Search for any game you want for the application type in search. First Open C Drive a Program Files if you are using a 64-bit computer you will want to open 86 times which means your 32-bit.

STEP 3: See the image below

fix Network Error in BlueStacks


this will help you to install the app differently. that’s how you install the app, so continue browsing the web for any app that doesn’t require an online connection.


fix Network Error in BlueStacks

Conlusion: Fix: Network Error/Issue in BlueStacks

So now you are ready to install your game here. Don’t worry about your network connection being ready to play all your games here without a problem, hope the above method helps. Thank you

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