How to Uninstall BlueStacks 4 App Player from PC & macOS

We are here to help you how to completely uninstall BlueStacks. Due to lack of ram on your pc it will result in slow running and to avoid insufficient instructions such as consumption of storage or RAM, etc. so you intend to completely remove Bluestacks from your PC / laptop.

Uninstall BlueStacks

In the following we are going to provide a whole guide listing all the methods and steps on how to completely remove Bluestacks from their PC / laptop.

How to Uninstall BlueStacks App Player

Method (How to Uninstall BlueStacks)

During this method we will provide a way to uninstall Bluestacks using the ‘Control Panel’.

Step 1 – First Click on the ‘Start menu’ and select ‘Control Panel’ to start running it on your PC / laptop.

Step 2 – Entering the instrument panel, navigate to Programs >> Programs and features. After that a list of all the programs installed on your device will appear click on the option ‘Uninstall programs’

Step 3 – After that search for ‘Bluestacks’ from the list of all programs and Once found right click on it and select ‘Uninstall’ Then click ‘Yes’ on the panel that appears on the screen.

Step 4 – Now that you simply have uninstalled the program files, you would like to delete them manually from their location. the situation is usually C: ProgramData.

Step 5 – Finally the process of deleting all temporary files on your device to delete the Bluestacks app has been completed

To make sure it is erased yet follow this other step where you want to delete the registry files. Download BlueStacks which is safe from Registry editor.

Step 6 – Another way that you can try first you have to access the Registry Editor, press Windows key and R key simultaneously on your keyboard then, type ‘regedit’ and click ‘OK.’ Here, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> BlueStacks. After that select all files and delete to remove Bluestacks from your PC / laptop completely from your computer.

Uninstall BlueStacks: Final Thoughts

Using this method, you will completely remove Bluestacks from your PC / laptop. Moreover, the BS cleanup files are free to download and use. So that’s how to remove Bluestacks from your device completely free of charge and its done easily just follow the method above.

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