How to Use Your Smartphone as a Android Phone Hotspot

You can make your phone a hotspot to share the phone’s Internet reference to your computer or other devices. But the other device has got to be WiFi-enabled. you’ll also connect to the web on your computer if it’s not WiFi enabled. during this case, you’ll require a cable that will connect the phone to the pc. I even have explained both ways to assist you to share your phone’s Internet. Read Recommended: How do I upload multiple files to Google Drive

phone a hotspot

1. Make your phone a hotspot

STEP 1: First step Open Settings on your Android phone and find Hotspot / Portable Hotspot. It’s usually under the Wireless & Networks option. Under this, first, you’ve got to set a password for the Hotspot you’re getting to enable. This password is going to be required once you will connect another device to the Hotspot. Select found out a portable hotspot.

mobile hotspot

STEP 2: Now, assign a name for the Hotspot. This name is going to be visible on other devices. And on the password section set a password. Leave all other options as they’re. Save the changes.

mobile hotspot

STEP 3: Now activate Portable hotspot on the main page. it’s now visible to the nearby WiFi-enabled devices.

mobile hotspot

STEP 4: to connect this hotspot with your computer first, enable the WiFi connection thereon computer, you’ll find it under Network & Internet settings.

mobile hotspot

Under the WiFi connection, you’ll see the hotspot.

STEP 5: Click on the hotspot to connect it with the pc. Click on the Connect button.

mobile hotspot

STEP 6: Then it’ll ask for a password, enter the password you created at the time of setting up the hotspot, and click on the subsequent button. during a while, it’ll be connected to the pc and you’ll use the phone’s Internet connection on the pc.

mobile hotspot

2. Make your phone a hotspot for computers that do not have WiFi

If your computer isn’t WiFi-enabled, you’ve got to attach your phone’s Internet employing a cable. For this first, connect the phone with the pc using the cable. you’ll do that with the supplied cable comes with the phone. It is often easily connected with the pc on a USB port.

Next, open the phone’s Settings and find USB tethering. this feature will not be enabled until you connect the phone with a computer. If you’re already connected, activate this USB tethering option.

mobile hotspot

It will take a short time to configure the web reference to the pc. you are doing not need to perform the other settings, it’ll configure everything automatically.

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