What is BlueStacks Emulator ? All You Need to Know

What if you want an Android platform but don’t want to take a position on a mobile device? Here, we will mention Bluestacks, how you will download Bluestacks, and almost anything about this popular Android emulator.

What is BlueStacks The good news is that the mentioned questions are often answered with one program that has been around since 2011. it’s where you’ll taste the goodness of Android on a PC desktop. The entire Android ecosystem in the form of a desktop program, uniquely designed for your Windows and Mac devices using Bluestacks.

Only BlueStacks, why?

This is all due to the world of applications which is growing rapidly every day for smartphone users. It’s no secret that the most used mobile platform is Android and There are other competing platforms; iOS and Windows

There are various categories for this application such as games, education, social, etc. Each of these applications are frequently downloaded on the Android platform and you now want to use them on your PC

By doing a Search to use this popular Android application on a bigger screen has been generated during this application player namely Bluestacks. To solve this problem, ‘Bluestacks’ which is an American technology came up with this program and It came out as a single platform that pushes the boundaries of the mobile ecosystem to the desktop. BlueStacks App Player is also called Android Emulator because of its ability to play all Android apps on Windows and Mac devices. Bluestacks supports all the features of Android devices such as receiving text messages, access to Google Play Store, Android developer mode, etc.

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Statistical Data of Bluestacks

According to statistics obtained from various sources, it is estimated that almost 96% of applications can be used with Android devices compatible with Bluestacks.

Lots About 86% of games available for Android devices are played using Bluestacks more often than other Android emulators.

BlueStacks Features

Integration-friendly – It integrates like mouse, camera, microphone, sensors, everything will work best.

Developer friendly – an Android user, who wants to see how Android apps work on a PC will use the Bluestacks app.

Gamer Friendly – Gamers can now stream their games to social media directly using Bluestacks without any complicated process.

Quick update: Please note that Bluestacks is proving to be the most popular emulator app. This is the latest upgraded and updated version of Bluestacks4, with additional features.

Resemble an Android Device – by using this Bluestacks application the main screen will resemble the main screen of an Android device.

Easy Installation Application: There are two different ways to get the application on Bluestacks. First, download it directly using the Google Play Store and Second, download the APK application then install it using Bluestacks.

Final Thoughts

Bluestacks has many advantages in the area of features that many Android emulators are unable to provide their users with. Bluestack’s developers are constantly trying to update App Player according to society’s ever changing needs. As such, they keep rolling out updates now instead of making some minor changes or to get rid of bugs from previous updates.

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